Black Hole

I'm fighting with something inside of me, an inner demon,

It scares me alot, the pain, the suffering, all of it,

I am fighting a war alone, with no one to support me,

I am wearing down, loosing the fight, wanting to give up,

I am tired of being bantered, looked at with disgust,

They look at me as if Im a parasite on society,

As if I should be removed, because I am diferent,

These people and my inner demons I have fought for years,

I fear I am loosing my grip, loosing ground in the war,

I have no friends to help, no family to give me backup,

I am alone in this war, and I may not survive much longer,

The only thng keeping me in it, is the fact that every cloud has a silver lineing,

But my cloud, its fading fast, fading into nothingness,

To those who read this understand this, cherish the happiness you have,

Or fight my war, and see what a living hell is.