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Why Am I Here?

Life�s a bitch, why am I here?

Time and time again I am thrown aside,

People want to help me, but don�t want my help,

Why am I here?

For people�s amusement?

Am I here because people want to see someone suffer?

Why do I exist?

Why do I suffer?

I have given my problems to God,

God gave me poetry and creativity,

Is this why I am here?

Is this what God intended?

This isn�t certain,

But what I know is this,

Everyone has their own way of praying,

Everyone has their own way of telling God,

A way to tell God what�s wrong,

But untill the question is there,

Why am I here?

Maybe I�m here to show people how to express themselves,

Maybe I suffer so I can be this way,

Maybe to show others new ways,

This isn�t certain,

But what is certain is this,

I have suffered a lot,

And God gave me creativity and imagination,

Hopefully others will learn,

Is this why I�m here?