The Phoenix

My life must mean something,

I must be something somewhere,

But why do I have all this pain,

Why must I suffer,

This pain agony are too much,

The end is near,

No where to run

No where I belong,

Constantly running,

My legs screaming in pain,

My lungs needing air,

My heart pumping hard,

I can't take it anymore,

No where to rest,

No where to sit down,

I must always fight

, Always protect and defend,

Never getting a chance to cry,

Never gettign a chance to let it all out,

Nobody understands,

Nobody willing to offer a shoulder,

Everyone thinks I want to be taken care of,

When all I want is to cry,

To relax,

To finally rest,

To know what peace is,

But the world doesnt care,

Society in all its form reject me,

Society in all its form has destroyed me,

And I must not quit,

I cannot quit,

I must rise like a phoenix out of the ashes,

Must rise to protect and defend,

Never ceasing,

Never stopping,

My calling is simple,

My destiny is hard,

I must defend and protect,

Defend and protect those who can't,

Defend and protect Gods creation,

For suffer the one who denies God,

Suffer the one that prosicutes His children,

Suffer those who seek to destroy those who will destroy them,

For the phoenix will come,

Him and all other phoenixes will come one day,

We will rise up to protect and defend,

We will not stop,

Will not relax,

Only to refuel and release,

Only go back harder and stronger than before,

For we can not fail,

Failure is unacceptable,

God's children must be protected,

The Archangel Micheal will come,

He wil lcome with Christ to destroy evil,

He has power over Satan,

And we are Christs children,

We are Archangel Micheals soldiers,

We will never fail,

Long live Christ,

And long live Christians.