Sucky Life

Forgotten is my love for her,

Forgotten is my heart i gave to her,

My love has been detroyed,

My love for her has been tossed out,

On the road I travel,

To find my heart,

To find my love,

Torn between worlds,

Between emotions,

Its all falling apart,

Never meant to be put together the way it was,

Never meant to be the same,

Time and Time again, I trust,

Believe that I love her,

But all has been broken,

Discarded like last weeks trash,

Vivid memories of past love,

Past emotions,

Emotions that have been trampled over,

Wondering where I went wrong,

Where I made the wrong turn,

My life is different now,

Now I have a wall,

This wall guards my heart,

Guards me from being hurt,

No longer will I trust or love again,

No longer will I believe in falling in love.