The Truth

These are some links to radio stations that I view as good sources for information and talk on politics, religion, music, and other topics. This is a page that acompanies the truth link, so you may see some similiar links but not identical.

My political views vary, but I tend to run either Republican or Independent Candidates. My personal favorite in the previous Gubernatorial (Governors race) for Texas Was Richard "Kinky" Friedman, his views were .. at least to me .. were sound and grounded. We need more people like this, that support the rights of people and the rights of animals, but still beleives that hunting and fishing, when the laws ARE observed, is good for people and families. He has been misquoted in the past by the media, but has kept views his views, and the media has .. in many cases .. retracted statements saying they now agree with him.

Well, I wont get into that too much, this is the radio page, so please, visit the links, support them, and hopefully you will enjoy them.