Poem For God

All must bleed,

All must die

All must go

All must go for what they have done

They will suffer

No one will survive

satan will devour them

evil has no escape

Gods wrath will pour unto them

To those who have no soul

To those who pick on the weak

To those who destroy the good

I will not die

I will not give up

My soul belongs to God

My life is of the Lords

My sins forever haunting me

My sins forever forgiven

Love is out of my grasp

Lust must be destroyed

Control must be to God

hell will never ovetake me for I am the Lords

The Lord will protect me and defend me

The Archangel Micheal will detory those who defy God

All must bow to the Lord Almighty

The carpenter will come again

And He will carve this world for His own creation

And all will bow before Him

All will kneel before Thee