Perfect Date

We walk along the beach, the sand below our feet, holding hands,

As the sun sets in the sky we turn to look at it,

I come from behind her, wrap my arms around her stomch,

Kiss her on the neck and whisper sweet sayings in her ear,

We go to my place, where I already have a bottle of white wine being chilled in a bucket of ice,

You make yourself a warm bath, its late at night and you are tired

The soap suds come above the tup, like sugar coated sunday,

The rose peddles on top look like like sprinkles that are on top,

The candles light eluminates your face as the warmth laps agianst you,

You step in, to find all your pores opening, finally breathing again,

The soap suds tingle as you lift your body parts above the water,

You lay back and relax, knowing that dinner will be made when you get out,

After soaking for some time, dinner is called, bein relaxed, you moan when you get out,

When you towel off, you go and put on your coziest, softest, most confortable sweats on,

Then you go to eat, the aroma fills the air as you are drawn ever closer to its source,

You sit dow and eat, you look up and see a clear aky, you ca nsee all the stars out,

As you finish eating your meal, you relax a little, still tingling from the bath,

Then you g oinside, and lay down on top of him, your head on his chest,

You hear every rhythmic thump of his heart, putting you to sleep,

As you fall asleep, he carries you to the bedroom to rest,

After undressing you and taking care of your needs, he slides int bed beside you,

You go back to laying on his chest listening to the rhythmic thumping of his heart,

Then he pulls the sheets up to your neck, making sure you stay warm through the night,

He rubs your back, in assurance that he will never leave you, then you doze off into sleep.