Pain, the giant killer,

The one thing that destroys all,

Even the strongest of us,

It sees no borders,

Has no rules,

It abides to no ones will,

It brings us down the hardest,

It eats at us,

We dont know where it will go,

When it will come,

Where it will go,

But I do know one thing,

People like me suffer the most pain,

We try to be open,

Only to close up,

We try to love,

Only to be unloved,

People like me only turn to God,

We have no one else,

We dont want anyone else,

People try to make us happy,

Try to put a smile on our faces,

It doesn't work,

It never works,

So heres some advice,

Feel as little pain as possible,

It will destroy you,

It will make you alone,

With only God,

I should know,

I've been there my whole life.