These are some basic facts about me.
Birth: July 21, 1982

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Ice Blue:

Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas

Interests: Computers, Archeology, Watching T.V., Hunting, Fishing, Lounging around, Working on farms and ranch's, Trying not to loose my mind with boredom.

Favorite Color: Purple

About me: I am a fun loving guy who has 6 fish, Bubba J, Prescilla, Capt Bart, Morgana, Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth. I am a hardcore Christian and will not trade my faith for anything. I am very odd and unusual, most would say just wierd, if they say I'm normal they are ignoring the subtleties or don't see what is really going on. I love my friends and my family, unless I have an irrated moment, then I'm not so loving.

My hobbies are simple fishing, hunting, and my fishies. My 6 fish rock, they are my children as far as I care so no bashing of it. The Picture below is a link to the store that I normally use, if I can remember to get there between 11 am and 7 pm, Mon. thru Sat. They rock though, and they can get you pretty much anything that is fish related. Please, shop there, I do, and I love it!! Anyways, back on topic. My other hobbies, fishing and hunting allow me to get out of the house and get somehwere to get some fresh air.