I've become so numb to the world,

So emotionless inside,

I don't know what it's like to feel anymore,

My world spinning around,

I don't want to be what people want me to be,

I want what God intends for me,

I feel so dead inside,

God is all I have left in my life,

I am lost in the dark,

No where to go,

Only one place I can go,

It is so hard to do it,

So hard to do what I know I need to,

What I feel I need to,

I am lost in this world,

Everyone has somewhere to go,

Somewhere to be in life,

Me, I'm lost floating in the mdidle of emptyness,

This habbit I am trying to break,

Trying to find people to talk about it,

No one will listen,

It is never the right time,

Nobody trusts me,

Nobody makes me feel as I belong,

I don't know where I belong anymore,

I feel so distant from anyone,

Surrounded by people but so alone,

Why do I have to endure this?

Why do I have to be alone?

Having to fight for every bit,

Everything I have and need,

Nobody listens to my when I scream,

They don't turn to even look,

I want soemone to talk to,

Ned to talk about my problems,

Will anyone Listen?

Does anyone care anymore?