This is all about you and your health. I am not a doctor or have any "official" knowledge as far as health, I am merely giving information that I have obtained in hopes that you will do your own research and find this out on your own, and to make your own decision based on your own situation. Please take everything into consideration before going through with anything presented here.
Also here is a link of vitamins and minerals with the recommended doses, hopefully you will incorporate them into your diet. Vitamins and Minerals


First of all, the most important ting you can do for yourself medically is gardening, primarily with heirloom seeds from such places at Burpees and Rare seeds for heirloom seeds. In many cases, the box stores sell seeds that have been genetically modified by somebody in a white lab coat and if you try to collect seeds for the following years garden, it will not grow true. Heirloom seeds though do grow true year to year and does not have any kind of other genes within the plant to cause some sort of illness or unwanted side effect. Heirloom seeds are highly wanted because in many cases the seeds themselves are rare, going back 100+ years in many cases, and as stated before they grow true to the plant every year.
Health risks and reasons:

Genetically modified seeds:

These seeds do have the advantage of being more but not completely resistant to certain bugs and chemicals and can provide a good product when grown. Side effects though are this, you can not save the seeds in soem cases and in t hose cases that you can, there is NO guarentee that it will be true to the plant every year. Also, the genes that they are splicing in are unknown to many people, for all you and I know, they could be splicing in fish genes, if you do not believe it, then why do you think they call it Genetically Modified? They would not call it that unless they were modifying the genetics and splicing in many things to make a product. So think about it when you hear about genetically modified organisms, because when you get to the core of it, nature did it better than some person in a white lab coat could.

Heirloom seeds:

Granted, these seeds have not been modified to ring out more food production, nor are they resistant to disease, insects and chemicals, but are they really safe? Well the bottom line is this, they are safe, and why you might ask? Well, if you want to ward of instects and help with disease, do what nature does. If you have ever been hiking, you notice that certain plants stick together so to speak, this is because they both ward off insects for eachother that would otherwise devour them. This combining of plants is natures version of insect repellent and although some make it to the plant, in the long run, most isnects do not make it or predetor insects are attracted to feed on the bad insects.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is this. Genetically modified food, though it does have the advantages of better insect control, betterh arvest, and all that in the end, you have an inferior product due to the fact that you can not re seed it every year nor is the genetic splicing healthy for you. Heirloom food, even though it does not have any advantages of the GMO food, with a little bit more preparing, planning your garden, and becoming aware of what plants do, you can have a far superior crop in the years to come.


Here I plan on briefly going over chemicals that you might encounter but did not realize the affects it may have on you.


Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is an organic compound with two phenol functional groups. It is used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, along with other applications. This compound has been linked to a variety of things from cancer, to sexual problems, behavioral problems, nuerological proglems and so much that it is becoming a huge health risk on this planet. Even the United States of America is looking into it, which is surprising, since we seem to ignore and even promote thigns that is harmful to people.


Flouride: This stuff is used in alot of non oral stuff such as in factories and is a bi product in some instances. It is even used in pesticides and herbacides but yet the so called "good doctors" say it is healthy, what is wrong with this? Honestly, what is wrong is that the leadership in the medical and pharmaceutical groups have been corrupted by money.

I myself have turned to non flouride toothpaste and mouthwash, my teeth could not get any whiter. I also use water filters to filter out my water for both drinking and cooking. I also use stainless steel whenever possible to help reduce the flouride coming from the stick free pans. If you want more, here is the site to go to Flouride Alert