About Me

Welcome to my life and experiences. You will read about my basic past and what has happened to me in it.

Who am I? Essentially I am someone who enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and being outside when possible. When some people see the outsdoors, they think of filth, disease, land to build on, money to be made, but I see it differently, I see the creation that God has done. I see the wonders He has given us and thank Him every time I can. If you think that because I hunt and fish that I am a bad follower of Christ, well first the Bible says in Genesis that God gave us this planet, secondly, I thank God every time I take a deer, hog, fish or what ever it is I take home. If you wish to debate it, we can, but please be respectful.

If you have read this far, you can tell that I am a follower of Christ and I glady do so, because He has given me my life daily, and during times when I should not have lived. He has allowed me to see, walk, breathe, talk (though I do stutter) on my own, feel on my own. Is life perfect? Nope, in fact it is harder, but my faith in God and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. For anyone who does not believe, heres three things, first, if Jesus is a prophet, and prophets have to be 100% correct, wouldn't that make Him the Son of God and the Christian Old Testament all 100% undeniably true and make Him the one, true God on earth? Secondly, why would we run our calander around one man? And thirdly, why would people kill those who believe in Him across the globe?
Ok, now that is over with, lets move on, for those who are still reading and have not condemned me to eath, cursed me, or gotten fed up by now. I am a techie, as much as I want to curse technology to the lowest pits of hell and just go mostly Amish, I do like it, I should, I have my own website, blog, stores, etc. I went to Wharton County Junior College, aquired an Associates Degree in Network Administration, aka I work on routers, servers, pc's etc (and yet I work at Walmart in maintanaince) and then went to Houston Baptist University for a few months dual majoring in Christianity and Biblical Languages, but had to drop out because I didn't want a ton of loans. If I hadn't I would have picked up a 3rd major in Philosophy.

I went from job to job, currently landing at Sam's Club on sept. 10, 2008, transferring to Wal-Mart fulltime in July of 2009, and currently work there. Is it pleasant? Not really, but it pays and I get benefits. I paint, read, do the podcast / blog, write whenever I can, andn ot out fishing or something. I am not the greatest painter nor writer but I do what I can and it brings me enjoyment. As far as music, I listen to a variety, though rap wise I lsiten to only Chrsistian rap, the main stream stuff doesn't sit well with me.

Well this is it until I can get photos and all on here, keep well friends.