Energy, the biggest thing on everyones mind today wit hhigh gas prices, people being forced to cut back everywhere and even energy bills at home are rising.

Today we are all focused on finding new sources of energy, biofuels, wind energy, solar power, even algae is being looked at as a possible source. People like Sean Hannoty are attacked by liberals because he speaks out and says that we even hough we are going to need to bring wind power and solar power, that we need to drill for oil until we get these new sources up and viable. His ideas are contreversy but are relevant to today's time and we need to listen to what he is saying. For those who want to hear, he is on the AM bands, and is on at 1 pm eastern time, 2 pm central, in the Houston area he is on 740 am, KTRH at 2 pm until 5 pm.

Even Texas oilman T. Boone Pickans has said in an interview that "We need to drill now until we get these new energy sources in use". He has launched a campaign to teach every one and connect everyone on this issue. He has campaigned for a cleaner earth and we must take advantage of what he is trying to do with his website, and organize to get thigns going on local, regional and national scales.

These links below link to t he T. Boone Pickens plan and to Sean Hannity, so take advantage of these resources.

Visit PickensPlan