Nord VPN is great for msking your IP address when using Chrome, Explorer, or any IE out there, be warned though you will need to terminate it when using certain sites as they will not be accessible with it active.

PeaZip is a program I use to access files that have the .zip or .rar file extensions. It is free and a good, clean program to use.

For streaming, I use Ankhheart as a bot for an easy way to give points, run giveaways, and see who is online without needing to click and see who is online. You will need PeaZip for this which is mentioned and linked above.

DnD 1rst edition for anyone interested, you will need PeaZip for this which is menioned and linked above.

Minecraft The resource packs I have for my Minecraft. They have all been scanned by my security and malware programs so do not worry, they are safe.

Last Pass Protects your passwords on your websites. This is the free version and you can go premium for $12 a year.

Malwarebytes Malwarebytes locates an quarantines malware within your system. The fee, last looked, I believe was $30 for a full blown package.

Tor is an amazing broweser, great for keeping yourself safe from prying eyes.