My Beliefs

My beliefs are simple, God so loved the world that He gave His only son to save it. That Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and rose from the dead to ascend to the Father in heaven. I believe that Jesus is the only way to Salvation and to Heaven above. I do believe the Bible is fact and anyone who tries to disprove it will ultimately be dis proven themselves. I also believe that Satan does exist and that we need to fight him at every turn.

Now, I am still young in my faith and understanding of the bible and still trying to figure myself out. My life hasn't been the nicest or the best, and I am over trusting but as the same time very untrusting unfortunately. I will trust you right away, but once I get burned I will not trust you so much anymore, though I will turn the other cheek and I will give you chances, though each time is harder to earn my trust.

So right now, I am just getting my feet wet and jumping in wherever I can, I have found an awesome church in Christ Chapel, with a cool pastor and youth pastor. Though at times it gets tough but it is getting better because for each new experience I learn and gain more knowledge about life and the Bible.

I do believe that the Body of Christ needs to move and be active, do more, act more, and try harder to move forward and fight back against all that might destroy us and to help out in any area of life. So if you see someone who is sad or know of someone who needs to talk, please, cheer them up, talk to them, be a good Christian friend!! Who knows, you might save a life from the eternal fires of hell.